2021 Winter growing season.

November update...

As we get our first snowfall we thought we'd do a quick update on the farm. Adam has passed the growing torch over to Adrienne, helping, guiding and teaching her the ropes. Let's just stay, it's learning process.😳

Each seed grows differently and some germinate quicker than others. Some look like mould when you uncover them, and others have tiny roots sprouting from the seed. Some need more water than others, and some get harvested before others.

As this is our third year of growing in the indoor greenhouse we've got a pretty good system going.🙏

Currently we are offering a few varieties until we can get more seeds and trays.

So for now....

🌱Micro-Mix $8 (100g)

(variety of microgreens - broccoli, arugula, radish and a few others)

🌱Speckled Pea shoots $7 (100g)

🌱 Sunflower shoots $7 (100g)

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Thanks for all your support.🌱👩‍🌾 A&A

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